4 Rules for Weight Loss

Four golden rules for weight loss

Keeping it short & sweet today..

1. In some cases. A medical condition such as a disease or potentially even a prescription you may be taking can hinder your fat loss efforts. Always be mindful of this factor and consult with your GP or have your coach look into it.

2. Almost all diet and exercise plans work in the short term but fail in the long term. They’re thousands of fad diet books and bounteous of “special” methods for weight loss. The reason for this is because people want easy answers. What you need to realise is that very few to none work long term and result in leaving you bored, hungry and frustrated by lack of results.

3. The most important key to weight loss success is sticking to a program that is tailored toward your individual needs, and goals and takes into consideration where you are currently at. This cookie cutter approach where 10 people receive the same diet and training plan, yet are all currently at different stages of their journey is exactly what’s wrong with the industry.

4. When you figure out your key to adherence. You’ll be able to lose weight and keep it off. It’s not all about achieving your perfect weight, your best weight or as I like to call it your sweet spot is where your healthiest and happiest without having to be miserable following a rigid plan.


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