3 Most Common Reasons Why Women Struggle To Loose Weight

Have you struggled to loose weight?


If you have more weight than you should it’s time to get serious about losing weight. It’s vital to protect your health today and into your later years of life. What you don’t see now may show up when it’s too late to make a change.

Like many other overweight people, particularly women, you may have tried time and time again to lose weight with no success. You may feel discouraged and figure ‘what’s the point’ to even try. While you’re not alone in these feelings and frustrations there are some key components involved in women’s weight loss you might not know about.

Let’s talk about the 3 most common reasons women struggle to lose weight. Once you discover the reason why you can’t lose weight, you can solve it, and start to live a much more positive lifestyle.

Reason #1: Eating the Wrong Foods

A walk down through the supermarket reveals aisle after aisle laden with foods that advertisers would like us to believe will help us to lose weight. Beware! These ‘fake’ foods actually starve your body of nutrients and you end up craving more to eat, because despite the meal you just consumed your body still is lacking in the vital nutrients it needs. You end up eating more and more of these calories but not giving your body enough nutrients.

How to Know:

Take a look at what’s in your cupboards. Are they filled with foods in boxes and bags? These are fake foods. Check the labels of these foods. Do they contain all natural ingredients without preservatives, additives, and words you can’t even pronounce? If you eat more processed foods every week than fresh foods you could be hurting your own weight loss goals.

What to Do:

The first step is to eliminate or at least seriously cut down on the fake foods. Opt for real foods instead. Real foods are the foods that grow naturally; fresh fruit & veg, etc. You remember these nourishing foods, right?

Load your plate with fresh fruits and veggies that are grown organically and locally. Choose meats and dairy that are fresh cut and produced locally so you know where your food is coming from.

Reason #2: The Wrong Kind of Exercise

Are you one of the die-hard exercisers who despite your dedication can’t seem to shake that extra weight?  Interval resistance training can burn far more calories than when you keep a steady pace throughout your workout.

How to Know:

This one is pretty easy to determine. If you spend dedicated time exercising but aren’t dropping any pounds you may want to consider interval resistance training instead of the classic cardio you’re doing now.

What to Do:

Instead of just running or walking on the treadmill do bursts of high intensity running or sprinting followed by a cool down. Or try a bootcamp/circuit style class with added weights involved. This type of training causes your body to burn fat for the next 36 hours to replenish your body’s vital energy (glycogen) stores. It really is possible to burn fat while you sleep!

Reason #3: Hormone Imbalances

Cortisol, aka the stress hormone, can block your attempts to lose weight too. This fight or flight hormone increases your appetite, makes you crave loads of carbs, and keeps fat in your mid section.

How to Know:

While you can get tests to evaluate the cortisol level in your blood, only you can determine your own innate level of stress. Take some time to evaluate if you are living in a constant (or close to constant) state of stress.

What to Do:

The best way to lower your cortisol levels is by decreasing stress. Learn to say no, take time to exercise (a huge stress buster as well as a great way to burn calories, improve sleep, and feel great), take up a hobby (and stick to it), and use breathing techniques to ward off stress when it first starts.

– Aaron McC


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