What Does a Rubik’s Cube and Fat Loss Have In Common?

A quick short post here guys, hopefully it’ll get you thinking..


What does a Rubik’s cube and fat loss have in common?

How infuriating are Rubik’s cubes?

That top selling puzzle game where you get four sides perfect.

You come a few sides away from perfection and then boom back to 6 sides messed up.

You keep going through blind faith and wishful thinking in hope that it might just sort itself out.

The reality is it just ends up thrown across the room.


Because wishful thinking is a blind shot.

I see it almost immediately when I take a consult with a new client for the first time.

They have been spinning their wheels trying to achieve an unattainable result.

Trying to go it alone to achieve perfection.

Because that’s all they see, just how perfect everyone’s journey seems to be through the minefield of BS that is social media and mainstream media.

Perfection in achieving a body for life is a dangerous goal.

It sets you up for failure.

The secret to a successful fat loss journey is knowing when perfection is required and when “good enough” is in fact good enough.

I’d love perfection everyday but it’s unrealistic and not actually helpful for you or your life.

Bottom line if you are going to take a journey on by yourself forget about perfection.

The lesson, in all this…

‘Don’t get it perfect just get it going. ‘


– Aaron McC

Evolve Health & Performance

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