Why ‘Diets’ Don’t Work..

Would you like to spend over £1,000 a year on Weight Loss brands and have nothing to show for it?


spend the same kind of money for the next eight years without ever reaching your goal weight?

For many people, years of dieting with the use of mainstream weight loss brands is the norm. While they might work for the minority, there is however, a large number of people who aren’t getting the results they deserve.

The lack of progress has led people to feel disheartened and confused as to why two of the biggest weight loss brands in the world cant assist them in getting long-term results.

The reason there’s so many diet books on the shelves, and so many weight-loss programmes (slimming world, weight watchers etc) is simple. People love the idea of a quick fix and it’s BIG business. For the most part, people like the idea of taking the hard work out of becoming healthier and fitter.

The problems start to occur when you have inaccurate bullshit on the market that’s just a means to make money! When you attend one of the aforementioned ‘Weight Loss Programmes’, they give you a one-size-fits-all nutrition plan. “Eat like this and you’ll lose weight!”.

So what if an 85kg guy who works on his feet all day, plays football twice a week and just wants to lose the manboobs and the beerbelly is sitting next to a 125kg woman who never exercises and sits behind a desk all day? Do they have the same nutritional requirements?

The answer is NO.

Sure, if you follow most diets consistently for a month or 2, you’ll see some results. The reason is, you’re eating healthier foods in general, less calories in general, and trying to be consistent to a certain degree. So that crazy ‘juice-only diet’ or ultra-strict ‘zero-carb’ plan you’ve been following is bound to help you lose weight.

But if I told you to eat only 1 apple and 1 handful of spinach a day for a month, you’d lose weight too, wouldn’t you? Does it work? Yes. Is it healthy? hell no. You’d be severely malnourished and probably cause some massive long-term damage to your body.

Sure, there are times when ‘diets’ work. If you’re a competitor and need to be a certain weight for an event (a fight or a bodybuilding event, for example) then a strict nutrition protocol is needed. We’re gonna focus on people who are looking to be healthy in the LONG TERM though. The Average Joes among us who simply wanna be in good shape and look better naked!

Rather than going crazy on some mental restrictive eating plan, you need to find out what you’re doing wrong most of all, and correct it. Are you eating enough healthy foods? If you’re not, then that explains why you’re constantly craving shitty processed sugary foods.

Are you eating enough protein, good fats and vegetables? No? No wonder your energy levels are all over the place and you don’t see results from your training.

Stop focusing on what you need to cut out and focus more on GETTING THE RIGHT NUTRIENTS into your body. The rest will take care of itself.

– Aaron McC

Evolve Health & Performance

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