The Problem With Fat Burners

So you want a quick fix to getting rid and burning off your unwanted fat? Your not the only one and that’s why fat burning supplements have become so popular and you can find them pretty much anywhere now a days.

Find out the real truth about fat burning supplements before you waste a lot of money and time and damage your long term health.

The problem is that fat burners and other similar supplements will not get you anywhere if you are completely dependent on them. Regular daily diet and exercise is the biggest part of the battle. Decreasing the daily calorie intake along with regular exercise is the biggest part of fighting fat. Fat burner side effects enhance the results as a supplement. In other words, don’t eat like a sumo wrestler, and then take a fat loss supplement expecting it to cancel it out. It doesn’t work that way.

Most fat burners are supplements that usually contain different ratios of the same substances like caffeine, B vitamins, chromium, L-carnitine, and guggulesterone. They work similar to an energy drink to get you up and motivated to go to the gym and workout, which is the main thing other than eating well that will help you lose that unwanted fat in the first place.

Some substances in the fat burner can effect your hormone levels and how your fat is metabolised in your body to help use it as an energy source. There are thermogenic effects that some fat burners have which causes your body temperature and metabolism to rise. The effects of fat burners will not fix your problem areas on their own. You have to work hard in the gym and eat well to loose weight. Fat burners have different side effects and people may have different reactions. You must be very careful.

Don’t trust the labels on any fat burning supplement, or the advertisements. The labels are not regulated by the FDA so they can put almost anything they want on the label and claim that their product will do just about anything. If you can’t read or pronounce half the ingredients list on the label then you should probably, most definitely not consume it, as you don’t know what your putting into your body.

Also, don’t trust the advertisements even if they show before and after pictures. Often those before and after pictures are altered. It’s easy to make the before picture look bad. All you have to do is get someone thats in great shape to stick out their gut and slouch their shoulders. Even the little things like body hair, gloomy pictures, and people with frowns on their face can easily convince you that they were really at a low point in their fitness lives. The after pictures are often brighter and the people are clean shaven, flexing, and have a smile on. Don’t let those ads fool you.

Many people drink coffee in the morning but fat burners often have their own dosage of caffeine. If you take too much caffeine you may end up feeling very fatigued, light headed, jittery, and recovery from workouts can be slower. Therefore creating more damage to your natural health in the short and long run.

If there was a miracle tablet we could all take that helped us get rid of unwanted fat and was safe to use, then we’d all be having it, but the truth is there’s not. There’s no such thing as a quick fix, it takes hard work, motivation and determination to get to the place where you want to be.

– Aaron McClelland

Evolve Health & Performance

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