You Gotta’ Watch Them Kcals

Why is the country fatter & sicker than ever before?
One of the biggest reasons…

Because calories are so readily available.

Lets rewind 50 years ago,you couldn’t just walk into a supermarket and pick up 1200 Calories that could be consumed in a few minutes.

The reality is we can do that now.

I for one fell victim to this yesterday.

Now I could go on here and say I didn’t eat the full bag 

But anyone who knows me, knows that would be BS. lol

So heres what happened.

I grabbed these Reeses minis thinking they would be great to eat while watching a film. Im sure you can relate. 

You see we tend to eat when we are bored or winding down.

The thing is I opened the bag before I even got home (greedy pig), by the time I was half way home I was already over 600kcals in.

This is crazy..

It got me thinking.. If I can make that mistake how many others out there are doing this on a daily basis.

That small bag of Reeses equates to these three meals that are not only nutrient dense but they taste great, & are also very affordable. 

You see we are all looking for fast convenient food that tastes good, including me. 

I would be a big advocate of theres no such thing as a good food or bad food its all just food and the damage is in the dose.

So an alternative for all those chocolate lovers.

Aim to get your three meals in and have your small bar of galaxy.

Not the big bag of Reeses, unless of course you have self control and can stop at just a few.

Bottom line always have a look at the packet, you might just rethink.

Have a wonderful day!

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