The Biggest Reason Why People Don’t Achieve Their Goals

Shooting for the stars is a noteworthy goal if your an astronaut.

If your reading this, chances are your not an astronaut and your just the average person wanting to set goals and achieve them.

So why do most people not achieve the goals they make?

The biggest mistake a lot of people make in setting goals for themselves is they focus too much on the outcome rather than the process.

People often get down on themselves because of unrealistic or poorly planned goals.

When an unrealistic or poorly planned goal is set such as loosing 40lbs people tend to skip the part that they require a million little steps in between, and when they start jumping those little steps its an opportunity to fail.

The smarter approach is to learn to embrace the process.

On its face, that may seem counter-productive, like you’re taking your eyes off the prize. The power of using long-term thinking for short-term planning. You won’t lose all the weight overnight, so your best option is to focus on making each day the best it can be.

Chop up the big goal into a string of daily or weekly goals that are easier to accomplish. Aim for your first 10 pounds and do this 4x over – Then it will be more achievable and your more likely to stick to it.

We do much better when we focus on incremental change, on little bits of improvement.

That’s how you go from a couch potato to a healthy confident slimmer you.  You temporarily ignore the fact you need to lose 40lbs several months from now, and focus only on losing 2lbs a week. And since that goal is much easier to achieve, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment once it’s complete.

In turn, that creates the extra motivation you need to move onto loosing the next 10lbs and so on.

Eventually, you get there. You may not even realise it, until one day you turn around say ‘Wow, this is much easier for me now than it was a year ago.’

To help you get started on loosing that first couple of lbs get in touch to start your weight loss journey.


– Aaron McC

Evolve Health & Performance



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