What Happens When Your Not Realistic With Your Own Self

This blog is based on a true story..

So I decided to jump into a gym session with my good friend Aaron.

I was due to train upper body and so was he, so naturally I thought hell this ought to be fun.

I couldn’t of been more wrong….

Demotivated, flat, lethargic and to be quite honest I was asking myself ‘what the hell is the point in any of this?’

Then the penny dropped this is exactly how my clients feel when they first come in..

So I reverse engineered it.

Whats the mistake?

Where have I gone wrong?

I set myself an unrealistic target of “keeping up”

A target that was beyond my reach for the simple reason that I’m not on his level. (He looks great and trains damn hard).

For so many of us out there we can be easily mislead into thinking we should be on the same level as others.

It could be social media influencing you or it could even be your own ego amongst a whole host of other things…

The reality is we should all be aiming to be the best version of ourselves. Which to be honest is exactly what I was doing..

His programme was simply too advanced and intense for me.

So I quit..

Does this make me a wimp? No..

For me I made the choice to no longer beat myself up or feel shit about myself, ditching the feelings of unworthy.

Why because it wasn’t serving me.

You see there is no good or bad.

Something either serves you or it doesn’t.

You see Sometimes it’s about staying in your own lane. Setting your OWN target. A really powerful lesson I learnt today.

If this message resonates with you and you want to go at a pace that suits you, I’d love to have a conversation with you.


Aaron The Quitter McC

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