Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Cut Carbs..

Why Cutting Carbs From Your Diet Is A Bad Move?

Ask someone how to loose weight quickly, chances are they will say “cut out carbs.”  The reason behind that is the fact that cutting carbs does cause fast weight loss. But that doesn’t mean fat loss, and cutting out carbs could be causing you more harm than good.

Theres no two ways about it, if you get rid of all the bread, pasta and potatoes from your diet, not to mention banning junk food and even at the extreme scale banning fruits and certain vegetables that scale will go down at a rapid pace.

If only it where that simple…

You see cutting carbohydrates will illicit weight loss it doesn’t necessarily mean fat loss.

No carbs can cost you, your good mood and high energy levels amongst a ton of other things.

While there may be instances where you need to cut down slightly on your intake there should never be a reason to cut them out completely. Low carb diets typically aren’t sustainable, and cutting them could actually end up making you gain fat.

Heres Why..

Your body uses carbohydrates as its main source of readily available energy. It can use protein and fat to make fuel, but this process takes far longer and is much less efficient.

Bottom Line On Low Carb Diets:

You will lose weight on a low – carb diet (at least in the first few days, which includes a large portion of water.) But that doesn’t make this the best approach for you. In fact theres a good chance you’ll feel tired, hungry and irritable which means a low carb diet isn’t only unnecessary but can destroy your relationship with food and lead to binge eating.

instead of looking at carbs as bad, see them as a macronutrient that needs manipulating depending on your goals and activity levels. If your on a fat loss quest, and maybe not very active day to day, you can still eat carbs, you may just want to ease back on them slightly.

As always the extreme approach doesn’t work. What works is a method thats based on your goals, body type and your preferences.

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