Here’s Why You Can’t Stick To Your Diet

Let’s get straight into this one…

1) The plan you’re trying to follow isn’t sustainable.

Forget about fad diets. We can only follow a shake or grapefruit diet for so long. We can only a follow a no fat, no carb, no sugar, no fun, no anything diet for so long.

The plan has to be practical, sustainable and healthy.

Before you start any diet ask yourself, “Can I see myself eating like this in five years from now?” If the answer is no — then the diet you’re thinking about starting isn’t sustainable.

When you have the right diet and exercise plan, it’s a lot easier to stick with it.

This might sound like common sense but it’s not common practice. You can’t expect to stick with a plan that isn’t sustainable…yet people keep attempting these crazy diets.

—-> If the diet or exercise plan you’re trying to follow isn’t sustainable, you’re doomed from the start. Failure is inevitable.

This isn’t about never eating your favourite foods again. That’s not sustainable! In fact, I’ll teach you how you can indulge — while still losing weight. The goal is to be fit and happy, not fit and miserable.

I’ll also give you an exercise plan that is sustainable. Going crazy at the gym isn’t necessary. Besides, 80% of weight loss is about diet. It’s about what, why and how we eat.

2) You never change your relationship with food

This is critically important.

Here’s the problem:

Most people go on what I call a “food diet.” One month they’re only eating X. The next month they’re only eating Y. The following month they’re only eating Z. We all know people like this. They go from one “food diet” to the next.

Sound familiar? Of course it does. We’ve all done it. We pick a diet and follow the rules for as long as we can using willpower.

However, if the only thing you’re changing is the food you’re eating, you’re not going to change for the long term.

It’s critical that you change your relationship with food. It’s critical that you change the way you think and react to food. It’s critical that you learn the right mindset along with developing the habits and behaviours necessary to lose weight and keep it off…

Otherwise, you’ll keep going from one diet to the next. You’ll never be able to stick with anything.

We follow X plan by ‘white knuckling’ it and ‘willing’ ourselves to stay strong for as long as we can…until we can’t take it anymore. We eventually lose steam, and revert back to our old ways and nothing changes.

Like motivation, willpower is not sustainable.

This is why people gain weight back. They never learn the right mindset along with the habits and behaviours necessary to keep it off.

They just “buckle down” and “try hard” for a few months until they can’t take it anymore.

Most diets get more difficult to follow as time goes on. This is not a sustainable strategy.

Changing my clients’ relationship with food is a big part of what I do. Helping them develop the right mindset along with the habits/behaviours to lose weight and keep it off is a big part of what I do too.

Simple example: Most diets/programs and “experts” out there only focus on what you’re eating. Sure, we care about what you eat. But we also focus on why you’re eating. When we understand why you’re eating, it’s a lot easier to change what you’re eating.

This is why my clients find that it gets easier and easier to stick to the plan. That’s why they’re able to lose the weight, and keep it off effortlessly.

—-> Unless you change your relationship with food, and the way you think and react to food, you’re not going to lose weight for the long term.

3) Daily and personal accountability + Daily Support

It’s too easy to make promises to yourself and break them. No one knows if you keep them or not…so you hardly ever do. We all know this feeling. The feeling of having been lied to. By ourselves. It’s an awful feeling.

Unless you’re being held accountable and being supported daily, it’s very hard to stick with it. It’s too easy to rationalise to ourselves. It’s also very hard to sustain the effort required to lose weight.

I make you accountable for your food habits. This is where daily accountability and support comes into play. It’s also what makes me different from the billion and one other programs out there.

Not only do I tell you exactly what to do in order to reach your goal(s) but having the accountability will make sure you actually do it day in and day out.

It’s very hard to accomplish any goal without accountability so that’s why it’s important in my method of coaching. No one offers accountability, and it’s how I ensure you reach your goal(s).

Because I work so closely with you I know when you’re off track. Whether it’s a mental block (for example: fear of failure, fear of success — this is a lot more common than you might think) or a tactical challenge (how to navigate an upcoming party, travel, etc.,), your accountability coach (me) will be guiding and supporting you on a daily basis. This makes all the difference, and it’s why I get the results I do, guaranteed.


The big difference between everyone failing and everyone succeeding is the amount of support/guidance they get.


Okay, so how do we set ourselves up for long term weight loss success?

I follow the same principles of supporting and guiding my clients every step of the way.

This is why 100% of my clients (literally) succeed at losing weight.

….Because I provide you daily support / guidance.

….Because I give you a plan that is actually sustainable.

….Because I support you whenever you fall off track.

….Because I set you up with clear and defined goals.

….Because I teach in bite-sized-chunks over time, not a fire-hose of information on the first day.

….Because I teach you the right mindset along with the habits and behaviours necessary to lose weight and keep it off.

….Because you get relentless support and accountability…..from a real human being…every single day.

….Because you get an expert who knows how to get you the results you want and they understand how to get you through anything and everything that will get in the way.

I can go on and on. But I think you get the point.

So, there you have it: The three reasons why consistency is so hard.

Got questions on coaching?

Drop me a mail..


Your Coach

Aaron McC

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