Five Basic Tips For Fat Loss

Regaining health an shifting body fat can at times be too complicated and call for scientific strategies, but the basic principles are straight forward and apply to all health and performance goals.

When you feel overloaded with information and confused by so much media being bombarded at you about losing weight, take a step back and remember the basics. I have put together the basics for everyday people who just want to shift some body fat and become more healthier.

1. Eat clean

– Clean food means organically reared/grown, locally sourced and seasonal.  Hit at least one of the three and you’ll be doing well.

– Eliminate or vastly reduce wheat, dairy, alcohol and processed foods and eat things in as close to their natural state as possible.

– Do NOT restrict yourself of everything you love, you’ll crash and burn, throw the head up and be back where you started.

2. Drink clean

– Water is king.

– Fruit juices, fizzy drinks, alcohol and energy/sports drinks are not our friend.

3. Sleep soundly

– How much is open for debate and is highly individual, but the need for quality sleep is neither.

– Sound sleep is regular and uninterrupted and might well be the number one priority for most people.

– Bottom line, lack of/poor quality sleep is stressful and makes people fat and sick.

4. Train with purpose

– Be clear about what your goals are and train accordingly.

– Whatever your level, don’t arse about.  Train hard when you do, back off when appropriate and be consistent!

– Remember to maintain a sense of humour throughout.

5. Balance

– Make (more) time to chill out.

– Balancing ‘doing’ and ‘being’ is essential to robust health – something long forgotten by most of us.



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