How You Can Get Better Results In The Gym

How can I get better results in the gym?

The truth?

In order for you to transform the results your currently getting it’s going to require you to do something different, because let’s be honest things only get better if you do.

You don’t need a magic formula, you definitely don’t need any pills potions or products either.

What you need is a deep understanding of showing up. You see small things done consistently will equate to big results. However your actions must be relevant to the results you want to achieve.

Going to the gym and suffering everyday is what failure looks like.. It’s how the industry is failing the people, they show horrendous workouts and give horrible nutritional advice making everyone feel like that’s what they must do to get a result.

If you don’t like something your doing please do yourself a favour and change it to something you can sustain.

I hate Brussel sprouts and refuse to put them near my mouth. Even at Christmas. Scrooge but hey they suck.

But do you think if by me eating them meant I would look like Arnie I would eat them anyway…?

Absolutely fucking not!

So same goes for you and your fat loss efforts, start turning your obvious weaknesses into competitive advantage!

And stop doing things you hate.

You succeed because you find your unique strengths and focus on developing habits around them.

Your Coach

Aza Mac

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