Fat Loss Myths – Part 1

myth vs reality

There’s that much information out there that it’s very easy to throw the head up and believe what the masses on social media are saying, here’s some common myths I hear week in week out when dealing with fat loss clients (who have the same goals as you).

Hopefully these shed some light on any issues you’re having at the minute shifting that weight in the last run up to “summer bod” season.

MYTH 1: A dramatic and “blood, sweat and tears” exercise programme is the only way to lose weight

THE FACTS:  Successful weight loss boils down sustainable changes that you can stick to. The best programme is one you can stick to (and not 7 days a week hardcore bodybuilding training with a 3-mile jog in the evening with an hour of the Insanity DVD after)

We should be aiming for at least 150 minutes of exercise a week, that being said, if your calories are in a surplus (i.e. You’ve been generous with your high sugar and high fat food) things aren’t going to go your way.

Work WITH yourself and get out there, whether its walking or jogging or signing up to the gym (I promise it’s not as bad as all the stories you’ve made up in your own head)

MYTH 2: Starving myself is one of the best ways to lose weight

THE FACTS: (Sorry to break it to you but…) If you starve yourself/heavily restrict yourself, your body is about to go Bear Grylls survivalist really quick on you and start hoarding all that fat you’ve been trying to fight off.

Crash diets aren’t sustainable and therefore not effective in the long term (which is the big picture, right?)

You’re also missing nutrients and your cravings will go through the roof (Have I convinced you yet?).

If you need help on nutrition don’t be afraid to drop us a message we’d love to help!

MYTH 3: Cutting out all snacks can help you lose weight

THE FACTS: Snacking is the big problem when losing weight, it’s the type of snacking. Many people snack in-between meals to maintain energy levels although that doesn’t necessarily mean snacking on chocolate and crisps, here’s a list of the snacks that are going to take you in the right direction (Provided you’ve got calories nailed of course)


All that being said, if you are on top of your food tracking, there’s nothing wrong with eating your chocolate etc. The problem is quitting at one bar (E.g When I open a packet of M&M’s the packet magically and quickly disappears regardless of my promises to only eat “a few”).

MYTH 4: Foods labelled ‘low fat’ or ‘reduced fat’ are ALWAYS a healthy choice

THE FACTS: Foods “low in fat” only have to legally contain a specific amount of fat to use this label (Sneaky sneaky) and most of the time it’s the bare minimum.

If a food is labelled as such, it contains LESS fat than the full-fat version but doesn’t necessarily mean It’s ridiculously low in fat (at least not as much as the adverts would have you believe).

If it’s low in fat it has a pretty high chance to be replaced with high sugar but since they don’t HAVE to put that on the label, they’re clear.

Ciaron B- Myth Buster

If you want to get in touch with myself to begin your weight loss journey? Here’s your link:


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