Being your own worst enemy




Being your own worst enemy… I’ve seen (and have been guilty of myself at times) people having the following mindsets .. all of which can be detrimental to your goals … fitness and otherwise !!


1. Negative thinking- ‘I can’t’ … When working with my clients I have a ban on that phrase .. You can !!! Your body is capable of so much more than you realise !! Overcome the mental barrier and you will be surprised by how far your body can go.


2. Wishful thinking … ‘I wish I could do what they have done’ … DO IT !!! There’s nothing19126314_1729298020417883_587837178_o to lose … You’ll get what you work for not what you wish for !!! Let’s start working !!


Lastly we have… Unrealistic thinking … When I first started training I expected to see abs overnight … this just isn’t the case … we have to be realistic when it comes to results. You probably won’t lose a stone in your first week training, but the worst thing you could do if you don’t lose that stone is to give up .. It’s only going to come off with consistency and hard work … Consistency is key !!


Believe you can do it, start doing it … and keeping working at it until you get the result you want !!


by your coach



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