5 steps to ditch the fat sweat pants and hoody look forever, and to FINALLY put on the clothes you feel sexy and confident in with ease.

So for the majority of women I see, including me from time to time we all have our “fat sweats” and “Over sized hoody”. Now my goal with this article and video series is to teach you exactly how to ditch them and drop the belly fat, because lets be honest feeling low, unattractive and not wearing the clothes you want or having them fit properly is extremely disheartening.

Let’s start with step 1:

What I want you to do is to set a 90 day outcome, lets get you crystal clear on exactly where you want to be, by doing so you can stay on the straight line to success and not become sidetracked along the way. Now getting clear on what you want in 90 days is important so I want you to attach a figure to it something that we can measure so set a weight loss figure lets say for the purposes of this we go with 21b off in 90 days as an outcome thats a whopping stone and a half. So now what we do is reverse engineer the outcome to make things a lot easier for you because trying to jump from A to Z can be overwhelming and lead to burnout which is exactly what happens to most. So what does your 60 day benchmark look like? To be on track for your outcome you would need to have lost 14lb in 60 days, and then we reverse engineer it again, so in 30 days  you would need to have lost 7lb to be on track for your 60 day benchmark. There you have it your first step to getting crystal clear on where you want to be.

So step 2:

The reality check. In my opinion the hardest part of the journey is stepping on them scales and facing your current reality. The sad step if you like. So heres what I want you to do, first thing in the morning butt naked and after your morning deposit, if you know what I mean, hop on them scales. Reason we do it on an empty stomach first thing in the morning on the same day every week is because its as accurate as your weight is going to be preferably a Saturday morning for most. Now once you’ve done that I recommend taking three pictures in your underwear. Yes you read it properly. Heres the angles.Front relaxed, side view with hand on your head and rear relaxed, now I wouldn’t recommend looking at these again until you have closed the gap to where you want to be say the 14lb mark everyone has their own benchmark figure. Refer to your 90 day outcomes for that. There you have something to work toward.

So step 3:

Start a food diary. As simple as this sounds it gives you something very powerful.. AWARENESS. Now I’m not saying to cut out everything you enjoy, in fact quite the opposite because thats where the majority go wrong and if you have attempted to cut back yourself you’ve probably done it also. Within two weeks sometimes less than that this just leaves you feeling demotivated, pissed off and like you’d rather just be fat and happy than miserable and struggling through a diet.

Step 4:

What I want you to do is a full overview of the week, now once you have written out your diary for the week I want you to asses just where the bulk of your calories are coming from. So lets say your having a pizza or some form of takeout on a Friday and Saturday night I know a lot of people have on average one per week. So here’s what I want you to do, I want you to change the pizza to a burger and chips. This alone will save around 700 calories or if it’s a Chinese your having then I would consider going for a chow mien and simply asking for it cooked in water instead of oil, most places will do this but also consider going with half the noodles and doubling up on the veg now it doesn’t sound sexy but you can still save yourself around 400 calories while having your takeout, without feeling left out from the family and eating a plate full of rabbit food and it will leave you feeling less bloated and tired after.

Step 5:

This is where things can be easier for you, nice and simple increase your output and start moving more, now I’m not suggesting that you go out and start running or do things you don’t enjoy but take the stairs more,  park a little further from the shop possibly even look into taking on a fitness journey, buddy up with a friend go for a walk or take the kids out more, get yourself a Fitbit and track your step count start low and work them up I find 5000 is a great start point, after all If it can be tracked it can be measured.

And there you have it my 5 steps to ditch the ‘hold me in pants’ and hoody look forever, and to FINALLY put on the clothes you feel sexy and confident in with ease.

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Aaron ‘ditching the ugly clothes’ McC

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