5 lifestyle hacks you can use to help you find your motivation, kickstart your willpower and reboot your energy levels!

5 lifestyle hacks you can use to help you find your motivation, kickstart your willpower and reboot your energy levels!

Lifestyle hack 1:

Overcoming extremely low energy

Here’s how…

Chances are you are under hydrating and turning to caffeine for energy at every opportunity, this results in major energy crashes. When you crash your natural reaction is to go for a quick fix. This is why your reaching for highly refined sugary foods that taste good, My advice drink more water. The easiest way to ensure your drinking more is to constantly have water present, I would never say take caffeine out because I love my coffee but it shouldn’t replace a meal.

Hack 2:

Overcoming being overly busy

Here’s how…

Your prioritising everyone else over yourself, not carving out any time to actually do anything that you want to do. Leaving you constantly feeling too busy. You deserve some you time. After all you are the queen of the castle, you must serve yourself before you serve others. So my advice take something on carve a couple of hours a week just for you.

Hack 3:

Overcoming never Getting Enough Sleep

Here’s how …

From a caffeine fuelled day, with no down time and the ongoing stress and pressure from that day, your body and brain are failing to switch off and relax. Resulting in interrupted sleep leaving you feel more tired the next day. My advice turn the Tv off an hour before bed including your phone, keeping your brain busy late at night is destroying any chance of a good nights sleep. Make your room as dark as possible and a place of relaxation, not an environment where your on your phone or watching tv while tossing and turning.

Hack 4:

Dealing with over indulging on junk food and alcohol

Here’s how…

In times of stress and discomfort we fall to our lowest of form of being. Looking for a quick fix to temporarily make us feel good. Your outlet could be alcohol or junk food it could even be both. This is simply giving you a false lift and can lead to you being in what I like to call the ‘deadly drift’. This can last weeks or even years. Consider this, how many times in the last 12 months you haven’t turned for food or alcohol in times of stress? My advice is to use some mediation create a new form of relieving stress one that helps you recognise self sabotaging behaviour and helps you to rethink exactly what your doing. The head space app is great.

Hack 5:

Battling the ‘not feeling attractive anymore feelings’.

Here’s how…

Through over indulging or since the kids came along you’ve lost that figure that you used to have, you’ve lost that inner spark that once saw you feeling confident and feeling great in your own skin. The main reason a lot of women seek out coaching come is to feel confident and look good naked. That means actually keeping the lights on when the Barry Whites on. So lets fix that my advice lets get you into a training environment and programme that provides you with confidence, empowers you with knowledge and brings about a figure your proud of.


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