A Few Simple Training Tips That Could Help You

Training Tips

  1. Avoid always training to failure

‘If you’re not suffering you’re not working hard enough’

I’m sure a lot of you have either had this attitude yourself, or heard it a lot in the gym. However, the no pain no gain attitude of leaving yourself battered and crawling out of the gym every day is not the answer.

Some of the best workouts will leave you in a pool of sweat on the floor, of that there is no question, however repeatedly doing this day in and day out is a one way ticket to burn out, leading to constant feelings of tiredness, demotivation and slowing of progress.

Avoiding training to failure does not necessarily mean training light, it simply means leaving 1-2 reps in the tank on the majority of your exercises, or saving it for your last set/end of your workout.

Training to failure has its place, however use this method sparingly. Great results can be achieved leaving a little bit of energy in the tank!

2. Good exercise technique

Taking a little time to learn the correct way to perform exercises will do wonders for both your progress and also your training longevity. Performing exercises with poor technique vastly increases your risk of injury, which is the fastest way to slow your progress. Poor technique will also hinder the effectiveness of your exercises!

One of the major issues we hear about here at Evolve is the crippling sense of ‘not knowing what you’re doing’ in the gym. This is why we take the time to properly teach exercises with correct technique.

So how will you know if you’re doing your exercises correctly? For some people, YouTube tutorials are a very accessible tool allowing you to teach yourself, however for the majority, hiring a good coach to properly go over your techniques is the best sure fire way to ensure you are performing exercises properly!

It’s okay to ask for help and spending time with someone who knows what they are doing will save you a lot of time and also speed up your progression and training efficiency!

3. Inconsistency

What do most people who live a fit, healthy lifestyle have in common? They are consistent.

Turning up for 5 workouts two weeks in a row followed by 3 weeks of no training whatsoever is not going to result in much progress.

Be realistic and honest about what you can commit to and make it a weekly priority. Consistency is the answer!


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