Tips on How Nutrition Helps with Fat Loss

Nutrition Tips


You have probably heard that it’s important to include protein in your diet, but why?

Well, protein is key in growth and repair of muscles. Meaning it allows us to recover from our training sessions and build lean muscle!

Protein is more satiating than carbs and fats, meaning it will keep you fuller for longer, cutting out your risk of snacking on junk!

Due to protein helping you build muscle, this will also increase your metabolic rate, meaning your body needs to use more calories to keep you ticking throughout the day!

A good way to hit your protein target is to include 20g of protein 3-4 times a day in your diet, or to aim for 1.5-2 x your body weight in grams across the day!


The average person is deprived of one hours sleep per night. But why should we care?

Lack of sleep reduces the fat cells ability to respond properly to insulin, which is crucial for energy use and fat burning.

It also affects the production of ghrelin and leptin – satiety hormones which affect our hunger levels – a lack of sleep causes us to feel more hungry!!

Studies have suggested those who are sleep deprived also buy groceries which are higher in calories!

Never fear however, simple actions such as switching your phone off one hour before you sleep and ensuring your bedroom is cool in temperature can really improve your ability to catch those z’s!


(Sorry for cursing….)

So the taboo word used to be fat – until someone with a bit of sense did a study, and found that eating fat is not the direct causation of GETTING fat.

Now it’s carbs that have taken over as the villain of the macronutrients!

Here’s a few things I have to say about carbs –

You need to earn your carbs. The more carbs you can afford depends on intensity and frequency of exercise, muscle mass, body fat, insulin sensitivity and more.

Some people can get ripped as hell on donuts, cake, pizza and milkshakes (nobody likes you people, by the way). HOWEVER! Look at their blood work and you’ll change your opinions, trust me, it will all catch up.

Carbohydrates can be your friend in the forms of supplying energy and also gaining muscle mass (replenishing glycogen stores)

Poor carbohydrate intake drains your nutrient reserves. Zinc, magnesium and more take a beating on poor carbohydrate intake.

Some people find it impossible to sleep with low serotonin levels due to low carbohydrate intake.

Why do low carbohydrate diets work then? There is no doubt that low carb diets work, at least 20 quality human studies have proven this.

A few reasons why;

Lowering of insulin levels

Rapid drop in water weight due to reduction in glycogen

Low carb diets usually lead to an automatic reduction in calorie intake

Studies have also shown however that low carb diets are very effective short term, yet long term results are not as effective.

As always – there’s more than one method that can be applied, it’s finding that one that best suits you and fits your lifestyle! At evolve, we believe in longevity and sustainability, as well as being realistic with our lifestyle choices. Therefore, we like to keep carbs in our diets!

Tracking your food intake

Do you track your income? Do you know how much you earn monthly, yearly? Of course you do.

Because if you don’t know what’s going in to your bank, how are supposed to know if you’re doing ok?

We at evolve like to think of the body the same way; if you don’t track what goes in – how are you meant to control your body shape/body goals/strength goals/performance goals?

I’ve heard people say tracking food intake is unhealthy

I don’t agree – I think being 1,000 calories over/under what your body needs in a day, is unhealthy.

For aspects such as fat loss it can be as simple as tracking calories enough to create a caloric deficit

Most of you won’t need to track every little thing that goes in to your body every day.

But if you don’t have a general idea about what is going in to your body for the majority of the time (consistency here guys) – how are you meant to achieve what you want?


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