Mindset Tips for When Life Get’s in the Way

Mindset Tips

Don’t rush progress

We’ve all been guilty of it at some stage. Everyone has a goal, the problems start when we begin to feel impatient or attempt to rush our progress toward it.

The problem with impatience is it can often lead to frustration, something that can really demotivate and derail your journey.

Some people will progress more quickly than others. What really matters is YOU. Focus on your own progress and accept that with time and commitment, you will succeed.

Progression will come and that end goal someday will be reached through dedication and effort. What’s important is enjoying the journey and most importantly, taking pride in the smaller steps and improvements as well. Allow yourselves to enjoy those small victories and then focus on the next small jump.

‘All or nothing’ doesn’t work

You do not have to be perfect. You do not have to ‘be good’ 100% of the time. Many people tend to swing from end of the spectrum to the other, from being absolutely perfect with their diet and training, to not putting in any effort at all, because if you’re not 100% perfect, what’s the point right? Wrong.

You do not have to be perfect with your lifestyle, in fact it’s unrealistic to plan that you will be. When it comes to long term results, aiming for 80% ‘good’ lifestyle choices will be a much more sustainable and realistic way to make progress!

Schedule your ‘meetings’

Minor daily events can often have big impacts on training schedules. One phone call or one work email and all of a sudden your gym time is out of the question for the day.

It’s important to prioritise what is important to you and one way of doing this is to prioritise your training session the same way as you would a business/client meeting.

Block an hour out of your schedule 3/4 times per week and only change it as a very last resort. You will be surprised how big an impact making a bit of time for your training can have on your progress!

Plan against bad decisions

‘A little preparation goes a long way’

We all lead busy lives, and every day we are faced with choices and decisions to make.

Often, when faced with choices during the day, we tend to go with the most convenient and easiest option. This is human nature, it doesn’t make us bad, it just makes us not stupid.

One simple way to combat facing these situations is to PLAN.

Take the guessing work out of your day; write out your meals for the week and have everything you need to make them BEFORE the day. Plan your workouts, lay out your gym clothes the night before. Write a ‘to do’ list the night before so you are not panicking on the day.

A simple bit of planning can seriously improve your chances or making good, consistent life choices, stress free.


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