5 Reason’s Why Your Not Losing Weight

1. A Bad meal doesn’t mean a bad week.

We have all been there from time to time mid week you slip up on your food, you make that decision to eat that cake or give in to the takeaway.

Welcome to the game of life where we all make mistakes.

It’s called being human.

What we need to understand is that one bad meal most certainly doesn’t mean a bad week.

If you got a flat tyre you wouldn’t go and slash the other three.

Essentially this is what happens when you sabotage the rest of your week over 1 slip up.

Key take home from this, you should understand that your fat loss efforts are what’s accumulated over the weeks and month not just single days.

Focus on your wins, what your doing right how far you’ve came and acknowledge the fact your moving in the right direction.

Remember its progress. Not perfection.

2. Looking for a special pill potion or diet

A couple of days ago I had a consult that really hit home at just how shady this industry is.

Things like juice plus forever living and whatever other magic bullshit is out there are simply quick fixes that fix nothing, and break people’s relationships with food causing eating disorders.

Once I explained to my client that I simply wanted to see a normal week of food without any magic juice or shakes.

Her response took me back.

“I don’t even know what a normal week of food is, I wake up every Monday and start the latest quick fix that promises fast results.”

You have to understand that short term thinking will only ever get you short term results.

Leaving you out of pocket and ending up heavier than ever before.

Here’s why.

Their overly restrictive approach is leaving you miserable because you aren’t getting anywhere near enough calories in which in turn leaves you feeling lethargic and more irritable than ever before.

You know what your doing is impossible to sustain so you maybe at best last a couple of weeks on this merry go round loosing weight fast in the process but then the penny drops…

And you decide I’d rather be fat and happy so you drive your calories through the roof.

Simply because you start introducing all the foods you restricted and start actually living your life again after living like a complete hobbit relying on disgusting shakes every day instead of real food.

Bottom line on pills potions shakes and bullshit juice diets.

Ditch them!

Hire a coach to educate you on nutrition so that you can finally start living again enjoying food and learning the fundamentals of loosing weight and keeping it off for good.

3. Not moving.

You get up and go to work, your seated all day.

Consuming lots of caffeine and sneaking in a few treats each day.

Because why not “nobody’s watching.”

You find yourself in front of the tv every night watching the same rubbish and without even realising it your binge eating…

After a few months you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror, your not happy.

But you end up in the rut stuck feeling lost.

So you continue after all it’s not that bad right?

A few months later your heading out for dinner all of a sudden your clothes don’t fit.

Your shirts are a lot tighter for all the wrong reasons and you can’t fit into your favourite jeans anymore.

It’s time you did something but you don’t want to go to the gym..

Where do you start?

Simply start by moving more.

If you don’t know what you should eat you certainly know what you shouldn’t.

Take control of your lifestyle, if your job requires you to spend a lot of your day seated then do something simple ditch a couple of nights of watching rubbish on tv and go for a walk, just something short and then build on it weekly.

You’ll be surprised at just how effective this can be.

When it comes to fat loss you need two things to be in a calorie deficit.

1. You need to be in control of your input i.e. What’s going into your mouth.

2. You need to be in control of your output i.e. Exercise.

This doesn’t mean hours in the gym strapped to a treadmill and it certainly doesn’t mean eating like a rabbit.

Make the conscious effort to make some small changes stay consistent and watch your small wins lead to big results.

Think less achieve more.

4. Being in a surplus of calories.

Your eating healthy, your going to the gym but somehow your weight is going on and not coming off.

Your the heaviest you’ve ever been but it must be your metabolism that’s slowed down right?


Here’s why.

I hear the metabolism story a lot.

Especially in the initial consultation.

The reality is if your gaining weight your over consuming.

Just because you think it’s healthy doesn’t mean to say that it’s not high in calories.

Consuming  smoothies at breakfast.

Snacking on nuts or nut butters throughout the day.

Covering salads in olive oil.

Because it’s good for you right?

What I need you to understand is

There’s no such thing as good or bad food, it’s just food.

Calories are king when it comes to fat loss.

Food doesn’t make you fat being in a surplus of calories does.

Your smoothie in the morning can have as much as 600 calories

Your excessive snacking on nuts and nut butters could be racking up to an easy 500 calories.

Your dressing of salads and cooking in olive oil could be another 300 calories.

This is before we actually account for any of your actual meals.

You see fat loss is about gaining an understanding of food, what’s in it and learning how you can manipulate your calories to keep you in a deficit.

4. Losing motivation

What you need to know about motivation.

Motivation is something that is required to do something that you don’t enjoy.

Most people don’t like exercise.

Simply because what they have tried hasn’t worked, they have had a bad experience or they have set no target as to where they want to be.

Simply put this makes exercise  like playing a game of football with no nets.

Yeah it might start off as fun but with no goal posts it makes it impossible to get excited about.

So what do I suggest?

Well it’s simple.

Have a result that’s important to you an end product if you like.

Ideally something that can be tracked so that you can measure progress.

Also find something that you enjoy doing.

What I have found is that if your working with like minded people who share the same interests, and struggles it’s a lot easier to get excited about exercising you will find that as the same problems might occur you will help each other find solutions together.

After all a lonely place is a very demotivating one.

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