How To Feel Fab In Your 40’s & 50’s

A conversation I’ve been having with a couple of older folks recently has sparked this blog. I write it for the mum’s and dad’s who are getting into their 40’s with young families and seem to have lost their Fitness/mojo that they had in their 20’s.

The problem is, modern day gym goers are an unrecognisable species to people in their 40’s these days. Steroids, six packs and sun beds might be the way for a 25 year old looking to shred up  but it definitely isn’t the way forward if you’ve a career and a family to provide for!

The fact is, all the people in their 40’s that I’ve talked to are just looking to get back what they’ve lost in the ageing process.

Whether that’s previous fitness they had playing sports, the confidence of youth or even being able to play with your kids for 5 minutes without having a heart attack!

I’m going to outline a few ways to train in the gym and get results without sacrificing the odd pint on the weekend or dinner with the spouse.

1. First and foremost, strength is the foundation of all fitness qualities.

“Stronger people are harder to kill and more useful in general than weak people”

If you can do farmers carries with heavy Kettlebells then carrying a few bags of shopping is never going to be an issue.

The fact is, strength can be used in every facet of life.  The list of benefits are endless on strength and that’s why it should be the staple of your training program in the gym.

2. Mobility work and core activation

The fact is, the first thing to go when we get older is our suppleness and flexibility. It’s the most overlooked aspect of fitness and it’s usually the main reason people don’t progress.

If you can’t get into the bottom of a squat because of tight hips and can’t hold something overhead because of tight shoulders then can you expect to get the benefit of those exercises? You can’t unfortunately!

The other part of the same coin is core activation. The majority of people have extremely weak mid-sections and it’s the reason the majority of people get hurt doing stupid things.

The core consists of all the muscles in your mid-section(abdominals, obliques), the spinal erectors and the glutes. If you have a strong core then you have 360 degrees of protection around your spine.

It’s an easy fix to include core and mobility stuff in your training. I

usually include both in my warm ups before I train which activates the correct muscles and also irons out any weaknesses. Foam Rolling is also a great tool for people who get tight muscles!


A totally underused tool in all gym-goers gym plans is density training. For people with families and people to see and things to do, spending 2+ in the gym is not an option or a desire.

Density training is a great way of improving your fitness in very little time.

All you have to do is pick a handful of accessible exercises(not too technically demanding). Put the clock on for 5-15 mins and get as many sets done in that time as possible.

The fact is that people spend way too much time checking Facebook on their rest periods than actually resting properly and concentrating on the next set.

When this happens, time can vanish really quick and before you know it – you’ve got 3 sets done in an hour. Which isn’t really enough work to actually stimulate your body to change! Density work can fix this!


A great way to finish your workouts. You’re going to training your anaerobic threshold with met-cons. This basically results in lactic acid building up in the muscles and can a bit of gut check.

However, met-cons are excellent for burning calories and fat whilst staying really exciting and enjoyable at the same time.

You could do a H.I.I.T. session on a rower, bike or treadmill or you can do a circuit or crossfit style workout. The end result is the same so pick your poison and get going.

A very quick way of improving fitness!!


This might seem like a weird one to most but it’s very important both physically and mentally. At least 2-3 times a week, get outside and do some kind of low-impact activity(Hiking, walking, cycling etc).

This kind of exercise doesn’t feel like exercise and develops our aerobic system which means a healthier heart and lungs.

From a psychological point of view, it’s good to escape reality for a while and get in touch with nature.

Even better when done with loved ones.

It’s not complicated, just get out there a few days a week and get moving, your fitness/health will thank you for it!

I hope you enjoyed this blog guys. If you’ve any questions on training or lifestyle then get in contact with us on Facebook or through email

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