Stop Focusing on your end goal focus on this One tip instead..

Stop Focusing on your end goal focus on this One tip instead – Follow the process not the goal. 

We’ve all done it before – set a goal that we think is realistic and achievable yet never gone on to make it a reality. 

Goal setting is something everyone should be doing. BUT in order to move forward, we need a destination to travel to. 

What’s missing though, and the reason we often fail to achieve these goals is that we don’t have a road map to direct us and keep us on track. 

Looking at the bigger picture or the long term goal can be daunting and seem so far away. Its like trying to jump from A-Z without going to B. It’s easy to lose sight or interest after a while if you don’t feel like you are making progress…and this is where the problem lies.

When you are just so focused on the end result you fail to see the progress you’re making along the way. This is why we always celebrate the “small” wins and achievements at Evolve for each of our members, which you’ll see in our member round up, posted on social media. 

We need to focus on the process, break things down… work a month, week or even a day at a time and create habits that if we do repeatedly will help us achieve that long term goal. 

Let’s look at an example… 

“I want to lose 21lbs in 12 weeks” – which is something we often hear in our initial consult.

That goal is achievable and realistic. But where do you start with it?

If that’s all you have to go off and nothing else and you haven’t lost any weight in one week’s time, you’re probably going to feel disheartened and fall off the wagon. 

Instead, break things down and set smaller milestones to keep you on track along the way. For example:

Monthly – Weigh in to check progress aim for 7lbs per month 7×3 = 21lbs off – Sit down with coach to check in and see where improvements could be made.

Weekly – Hit 3 or more hours of exercise (you could even walk 30 minutes twice a week with two gym sessions) – No more than 2 glasses of wine/pints per week – Pre plan how your going to eat.

Daily – Cut out office snacks for fruit – Hit 10,000 steps – Park further away from the shop take the stairs.

If you can form all of these habits then you’re sure to be on your way to achieving the end goal and you can start ticking off the small achievements that you know are going to get you there.

At Evolve we pride ourselves on taking the time with clients in our initial consult to come up with an individual blueprint that will help them achieve the result thats most important to them. On top of that everyone will be designated their own coach to ensure support accountability and motivation is provided. That way – if you miss a day or two (nobody’s perfect) then you know exactly how to get back on it and keep heading towards your end goal. 

If you need any help creating a road map or with goal planning, then we are happy to help you – just give us a shout.

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