Why You & Commercial Gyms are Failing

Why commercial gyms are failing

So you want to get fit..

You take a gym membership.

You’ve decided to go it alone without a workable plan or having set any targets.

A small part of you is pretty sure you need to use weights as some form of resistance training.

But when you look over toward the Dumbbells all you see is big guys grunting and shouting or younger guys taking selfies.

It’s all too much it’s scary so you migrate to the cardio equipment where it’s safe.

You spend 10 minutes on the treadmill cross trainer and rowing machine most of which on your phone you leave the gym.

Knowing you could of did more and even a little dissatisfied but hey it’s better than nothing.

With no changes being made to your nutrition because you don’t know what to do and your training getting more boring by the session you lose motivation and you quit.

Your weight starts creeping on but you’ve lost faith in gyms where do you go from here?

1. Get clear on what it is you want make sure you write down exactly what it is and what it would mean to you. For a lot of our members it’s to simply lose weight so that they have more energy to not only feel good for themselves but to spend time playing with the kids without feeling like they are going into cardiac arrest.

2. Get some help,it’s not your job to know how to train or what to eat so don’t waste time banging your head against a wall struggling every step of the way. At Evolve we guide you step by step through the process making sure you have a workable plan that takes your busy lifestyle into account.

3. Monitor your progress, what gets measured gets managed and details matter when your searching for a result that matters to you your going to need to track the basics at Evolve every single one of our clients get their own personalised diaries to help stay on track and to simply put right any areas that may be holding you back.

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