1. Too much time on your hands and your mind might turn to food(we have all been there, went to the cupboard due to boredom)

  2. Trigger foods, you have to be honest with yourself are you able to have a slice of cake and stop? I know I cant open a bag terry’s chocolate orange pieces and stop so I don’t have them i my cupboards.

  3. Going to long in between meals and you just grab anything… that is why you should never go food shopping hungry.

  4. Clear cupboards of tempting/triggering foods. Out of sight out of mind.. DO NOT RELY ON WILLPOWER LIKE MUSCLES IT WILL FATIGUE

  5. Extreme diets will leave you miserable and hungry and you will very likely binge.. Trust me i’ve been there.. going from white fish and veg for 8 weeks to bacon buddies for days.

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