A few years ago I got into the best worst shape of my life!….

A few years ago I got into the best worst shape of my life.

And for me I was hesitant posting this but I feel like people should understand exactly what health and fitness isn’t, and shouldn’t represent vs what it should.

•Eating disorders

•Zero energy

•Essentially starving the body

•Having no life outside the gym

•Having breakdowns in relationships

•Pursuing an all or nothing approach

•Chasing perfection

•Training for purpose rather than fulfilment and enjoyment

•Comparing yourself to everyone else

•Focusing on how far away you are not where you’ve came

Now when I look at that I want to go back and give myself a shake.

Training should compliment your lifestyle there’s absolutely nothing healthy or fit about or in the above picture.

That’s the message I’m trying to get across.

More and more often I’m seeing and hearing of horror stories from clients in a nut shell being sold on this monk like lifestyle and it’s just BS.

Rabbit Food, Go hard or go home workouts and no education at all.

If you can follow a plan to a letter congratulations.

But for the general population who have families and who literally just want to move a little better, drop some unwanted body fat,have more energy feel accepted in their gym environment here’s what training should be.

•Healthy understanding of nutrition

•Balanced relationship with food (everything in moderation including moderation)

•A great relationship with your training with fulfilment and purpose

•Focusing on getting just that 1% better as opposed to all or nothing

•Enjoying the journey and the relationships made along the way

•Listening to your body and understanding you body needs recovery and rest to repair, sometimes a walk or hike outdoors could be exactly what you need

Now that’s just a few I could go on but you get my drift.

So next time you embark on a health and fitness journey make sure yours is ticking the right boxes so that you don’t crash and burn like I did.

Have an awesome day and thanks for reading hope this helps!




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