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“So my goal joining Evolve was to fit into that bridesmaid dress and stand next to the others and feel confident and on the same level not worrying and feeling uncomfortable all day.

With the help from you all I done that yesterday I have genuinely never received so many compliments about my weight/figure in all my life.

I felt on top of the world and wasn’t dying to get changed into loose clothes and flats loving the fact that I had to get my dress altered from a 16 to a size 12. Cheers to evolve!”

– Kiara 





“Before joining evolve I lacked confidence and motivation. As a busy mum of three I didn’t prioritise myself so health and fitness slipped. I’d been to all the usual weight loss clubs and other gyms over the years, while I got results I didn’t stick at it and quickly fell back to old habits..

I had regularly saw videos of evolve on Facebook. I saw how well another family member was doing so I decided to contact Aaron, after a consultation I signed up.Since joining evolve I have learnt to weight lift properly and enjoy the strength training classes the best.
I can deadlift 70 kg, squat 40 kg, bench 32kg and glute bridge 130 kg. Lifting makes me feel somewhat powerful. 💪🏻Something I watched in other gyms but just did not have the confidence to go do on my own.In evolve we are coached through each exercise so we know we are doing it correctly.
There are no mirrors which is a big one for me and everyone is in the same boat. Everyone’s there to better themselves not anyone else. I have got my nutrition on track as I have a regular contact with my own coach Amy who has set my calories and keeps tabs on how I’m doing.
All coaches are just a text away. To me this is unique from other gyms, as you have that safety net if and when you are struggling or if you just need that extra spur on, And they genuinely care. They are very encouraging and have given me great motivation to put myself first and this means that I am in better frame of mind to look after my family.So I’ve lost over two stone, and 40 inches and have gained confidence again.
I’m motivated to exercise outside of the gym and am delighted to be seeing results and receiving compliments. I’m feeling like my younger self again, the picture on the right was taken at a recent night out which I throughly enjoyed. The old me would normally cancel nights out and hideaway but not anymore💃
The picture on the left made me cringe but it was my motivator to change..I would definitely recommend evolve to anyone who like me is watching the videos and thinking about joining. Do it. You have nothing to lose but lbs and inches. As my journey continues I’m excited to see what results the next few months bring 🙌.”


Before Evolve I was feeling low in myself, a lot of aches and pains especially when walking. I was feeling tired and unmotivated. I didn’t want to continue down that road.

Evolve is different because you’re not on your own. We are all on our own journey. When your having a low morning or feeling unmotivated there is always someone to give you that extra push.

Now I’ve got my motivation back. I’m feeling more confident and believing in myself. I have learnt to make me time and stand up more for myself. Physically I’m feeling stronger I don’t feel as tired or achy anymore. I’ve lost inches, feeling more toned and my body shape is starting to change for the better.” – Wendy 👇





“Physically I was getting bigger and bigger. I was unhealthy and unhappy. I suffer with anxiety and my weight contributed to that. Now I have more confidence and cope with the anxiety issues better. I see for the first time I can do this, before it felt impossible.

Being part of a group was brilliant. I never liked to exercise with others before (fear of judgement I guess). The benefits in doing this have been incredible. We helped each other when things got tough. My fitness levels are way better, I can tie my shoelaces without fear of needing to call an ambulance. I can lift weights and run 5k.

I understand my food choices way better, I don’t kid myself when it comes to the fat content and nutritional value in food. I lost 18lbs during the programme and I have now 38lbs off. Without a doubt I would recommend this programme. It has changed me physically and mentally. It has been an awesome experience and I am so happy to have been part of it. 😀”     – Mel Hutchins 👇



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