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Our Member’s Weight Loss Journeys..



“Everyone thought I was crazy and questioned me, why would anyone travel a 50 mile round trip “just to do personal training”.  I don’t regret my decision as I have gained so much more than just loosing the pounds. My mindset has completely shifted for the positive, I’m sleeping better with my overall mood improved and I’m making some serious strength gains.   There has been absolutely no restrictions on what I can or cannot eat, just make smarter choices.  You see it’s the small daily habits and consistency that all add up to make great changes!  It may have taken 8 months for me to loose 50lbs and that’s with getting married and then a 3 week honeymoon.  To some that may seem a lifetime because they want a “quick fix” but it’s about being able to live your life and being sustainable.

I have been to Personal trainers before but it wasn’t very personal, that’s where Aaron and his Evolve team are different.  It’s not a case of “I’ll see you next week” , they actually care and want us all to succeed beyond what we think is possible, ensuring the movements are done correctly and we are as mobile as possible. Aaron has given me the tools and knowledge to be the best version of myself. He has never gave up on me even when I was getting frustrated if the weights in the gym weren’t going up or when my own weight was at a plateau. Being part of the Evolve family is amazing and filled with like-minded people, building each other up and we are all success stories.

My transformation is not complete as there will always be goals that I’m working towards and celebrating the wins no matter how small or insignificant they may seem to others. But they’re my wins and I will own them and reap the rewards.”



“Physically i was creeping up in my weight, I was just a stone off the heaviest I have ever been and I would of definitely got there. Now I feel stronger and fitter leaner and not self conscious of my body anymore.

Training in a group definitely helped. Training with people in the same boat as you. The knowledge and motivation that was passed on by Aaron through training and explaining why we were doing certain exercises and what part of your body they were working and making sure you were doing them right. Getting us to do food dairies to track what we were eating and making just small changes really helped. One thing that helped me the most was Aaron’s support and passion for what he does, it rubs off on you.

I lost a total of 23lb on the body for life programme. I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to lose weight. The programme is excellent and enjoyable.”  – Rob Green 👇

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“At the time I applied to join Evolve, I was stuck in a rut, full of reasons and excuses for my weight and experienced the start of health problems I never had before.

With the help of Aaron, his training methods, weight loss tips and food diary experience I was able to become aware to of the bad habits, and excuses I had developed. I was able to find the motivation and time to start moving again. This in turn help improve my energy, moods and as the weight started to decrease I wanted more and more. .

From the start of the year I have lost a total 4 stone, and plan to continue to lose more. I would definitively recommend Aaron to everyone wishing to change their weight, body shape or confidence as his experience and training methods are world class. It was a pleasure to meet and work with Aaron during my time on the course” –  Brian Kelley 👇

evolve health and performance



“My energy levels were pathetic. I came home from work and wasn’t able to keep my eyes open and often ended up falling asleep on the sofa. I used to watch my wee girl playing on the floor and I just didn’t have the energy to get down to her or even pick her up. Was in bed every evening by 8.30 at latest for work the next day. Struggled all day at work because of my job being so physical. With regards being in band I struggled with the bigger walks and carrying a drum. Just felt physically exhausted ALL the time.

My confidence was at an all time low. Used to hate even looking at myself in a mirror and hated having to buy clothes in a size I didn’t want too. Made excuses not to take my daughter swimming so I wouldn’t have to strip off and I wouldn’t let my wife take pictures. Just felt miserable and embarrassed about how I looked to be honest.

My energy levels have soared. I have so much more energy you wouldn’t believe. I’m able to do so much more in the evenings after work. I never take that nap that I always had to before. Everything that I struggled with before is no bother to me now.

My confidence has had a total flip. I’ve never felt so good. It’s such a boost when people notice. I love being able to go into shops and buy things two sizes smaller and feel good about everything I put on.

Forget all the shitty diets you read about here, there and everywhere. They don’t work. Forget the worries you have about the ‘big bad gym’ – just give it a go, I can guarantee you won’t regret it.

100% without a doubt. Aaron has changed my life. Not only is he the best coach but he is also a great friend. Going above and beyond to help with everything I’ve ever needed since I started. The best encourager and motivator. I couldn’t recommended him enough.” – Clarke Forrest  👇



“Physically I was getting bigger and bigger. I was unhealthy and unhappy. I suffer with anxiety and my weight contributed to that. Now I have more confidence and cope with the anxiety issues better. I see for the first time I can do this, before it felt impossible.

Being part of a group was brilliant. I never liked to exercise with others before (fear of judgement I guess). The benefits in doing this have been incredible. We helped each other when things got tough. My fitness levels are way better, I can tie my shoelaces without fear of needing to call an ambulance. I can lift weights and run 5k.

I understand my food choices way better, I don’t kid myself when it comes to the fat content and nutritional value in food. I lost 18lbs during the programme and I have now 38lbs off. Without a doubt I would recommend this programme. It has changed me physically and mentally. It has been an awesome experience and I am so happy to have been part of it. 😀”     – Mel Hutchins 👇



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